Why it’s Time to Sort Your Shed

The garden shed is one of the most neglected pieces of furniture of most houses. Items are thrown in once they’ve been used or hastily retrieved with little regard for anything else in there, but we think it’s time we paid a little more attention to our sheds, and there are several reasons for this. Read on to find out why your shed deserves a little more love!

Firstly, how many times have you found yourself buying something brand new because you can’t be bothered to hunt for the version you already have? Whether it’s screws, a powertool or a specific tin of paint, it can be tempting to go out and buy a new version rather than take the time to look for the one you already have. However, this iss a waste of money and means you might as well not have a shed if you’re never going to use anything stored in it!

Secondly, you should think about checking your shed is secure, but not too secure. If a bolt has become rusty or you have lost the key to get in, it can be nearly impossible to get in. Obviously this is no good, as finding a way to gain entry to your own shed can be difficult. Bite the bullet and get the bolts and locks replaced with good quality, rust-resistant ones. A good quality padlock can be the best solution as it won’t be affected if the wood swells in the rain, as long as you make sure the key is kept somewhere safe and memorable. This also means everything in side is kept perfectly safe.

Another reason you should get your shed in order is to save time. Nobody wants to waste lots of time rummaging through endless boxes and containers to find the thing they want, so get it into some sort of sensible layout. If necessary, install shelving units so you can keep fragile items off the floor. Electrical equipment doesn’t fare well in damp conditions, so make sure this is stored somewhere dry and off the floor.

Any wildlife which has found its way into your shed can create a health hazard or can damage the structure of the shed itself. Termites might be destroying the wood, for example, or you might have insects or small mammals nesting in the warm environment. When they die, this can pose a serious health risk. Nip the problem in the bud and get a professional to clear out any bug or animal infestations and then make sure your shed has no spots animals would want to nest in.

Linda Romero is a keen gardening enthusiast who regularly blogs about her experiences taking care of her 4 acre garden in Kent

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