Top 5 Packing and Moving Tips

Packing and moving should be done with a lot of care to protect the integrity of the items being moved. The process is never easy, but there are several tips that will make it bearable.


Prepare early for the move. Early preparation will ensure you do not leave anything behind, that you know where everything is, and that the packing process is not stressful. Buy moving supplies and moving boxes in good time. Ensure that the packing boxes are sturdy to protect your belongings. The best moving boxes are corrugated cardboard boxes. Throw or give away what you do not require. You could also consider conducting a garage sale to decrease the number of things you have to transport, which means lower moving costs. Start packing weeks before the move.

Pack properly: Proper packing is important because it prevents breakage and it makes the loading and unloading easier. Heavy boxes should go into small boxes for easy transportation. Keep the weight of each box to a minimum to prevent back injuries. Pack room by room and clearly label each box with the room the content should go to and other details (such as ‘fragile’ and ‘clothes’). Each item should be wrapped individually and each box should be lined with a bubble wrap sheet or newspaper layers. If there is a risk of newspaper print marks, use wrapping paper or clean tissue paper first. Ensure there are no empty spaces and wherever you find them, fill the gaps with packing paper, towels, and clothing. Items from different rooms should never end up in the same box. The boxes should be well taped and several wraps should be made where there is concentration of stress. Use special crating for expensive art. Breakables should be bundled together.

Special precautions: There are items that need special consideration when packing. Your birth certificates, marriage certificates, and other valuable documents should be packed together and you should consider having them on the car you will be using. There should be an ‘essentials’ box containing items that you will need the first night (containing coffee, snacks, cups, some plates, and the likes). There should be an overnight bag for each member of the family. You should also keep a torch, pain relievers, a paper and pencil, a first aid kit, and a tools kit close to hand.

Loading and offloading: The best moving truck is one that is high enough to accommodate all the furniture and appliances. Lease a truck made specifically for moving from movers San Diego. Heavy items should be on the bottom and lighter items should be on top. Load and offload one item at a time, no matter how light it is. When unloading, ensure that everything goes to the room where it will be used.

Hire a professional: Hiring San Diego moving companies offers unparalleled convenience – packing and moving can interfere with your social life, your school work, and your job/business. Movers San Diego have the experience necessary to know the best moving supplies and the best packing techniques and they have access to the right trucks. The insurance that good San Diego moving companies have is important because it ensures that you are compensated in case of breakage or theft.

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