Three Things Every Garage Should Have

Anyone who has thought about purchasing a new or used car likely has given thought as to what they can do to take good care of their vehicle. Having items in place that will allow you to do maintenance and preventative car on your car can be a lifesaver when you have an issue that needs to be fixed right away. If you are knowledgeable and know what you are doing, it can save you money, and even time, since you won’t be waiting on a dealership or car shop to open. Here are three items every garage should have to take care of vehicles.

A Tire Jack

Flat tires can and will happen-it is just a fact of life. If you can change your own tires, it is easier and safer than trying to wait for a towing service or someone else to help you. If you can work in your garage, that makes it a simple and safe place to change a tire, and offers plenty of room. You can safely jack the tire up and put a new one on with little effort. Changing a tire might look tricky the first time, but once you’ve done it, you won’t forget how, especially if you have a tire jack to do the dirty work.

Oil Pan

Changing oil is something that may need to be done more frequently on some cars, especially if they are being used often and really packing the miles on. While there are shops that will change the oil for you, it is easy if you can do it yourself, and save the money and hassle of going someplace else and wasting valuable time. An oil pan can catch spills in the garage, and ensure that you are taking care of the car, while keeping your work area clean.

Battery Charger

A battery charger is always handy to have, especially if you discover you have a dead battery, and need to replace it in a hurry. While it never hurts to have a back-up battery, when you have a battery charger in your garage, you can feel confident knowing in just a little bit of time, you will have your old battery working as good as new, and be able to get wherever you need to go. This is helpful in saving money, and can make life easier for you.

When bringing home a new car (or a car that is new to you), having your garage packed with everything you need a good idea. Basic items that will make it easy to fix your car in case of an emergency and help you feel confident and prepared no matter what is going on include an oil pan for changing the oil, a tire jack, to help you replace a tire that has been damaged, and a battery charger, in case your battery dies. Not only will you save money, but you won’t have to wait around too, since you are fixing everything in a cheap yet effective manner.

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