Three Reasons Why Wicker Is the Ideal Outdoor Furniture Material

For decades, wicker furniture has been the emblem of gracious living, especially when it is placed outdoors on a patio or deck or indoors in a garden room or conservatory. Wicker is traditionally made of interwoven strips of wood or reeds, though now it can be made of synthetics. Wicker furniture has been used in Asia for centuries, according to Wicker Paradise, and has been popular in the United States within the last century or so.


The benefits of outdoor wicker furniture are many, but one of three include its great variety of design. Wicker can be made into chairs and chaise lounges. It can be made into dining tables, end tables and occasional tables. Their style can be the Victorian style popular during the days of the British Raj or completely modern. It’s unlikely that wicker furniture will ever go out of style.

Wicker furniture is also lightweight. This makes any piece of wicker furniture, including an outdoor wicker rocker that might have an aluminum frame to make it sturdier, easy to move around. During the warm months, wicker furnishings can be taken outdoors from storage and arranged in a matter of minutes. When the cold weather comes, the process can be reversed. Of course, the furniture can also just stay outside. This leads to the third benefit.

Outdoor wicker patio furniture is durable. Those made of rattan or synthetic materials stand up especially well to the weather, but reed and bamboo wicker furniture need some weatherproofing. The good news is weatherproof coating is easily applied.

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