Summer Garden Health Check

The summer should be a time when your garden is at its’ best for you, your family and friends to enjoy it, and undertaking a little Summer garden health check can go a long way to achieving its best.

This can take a little work, but don’t be daunted by the task, it will be worth it when the summer comes and you can get the gardening equipment you need easily from places like Swell UK.



Hydration is one of the biggest problems for your garden in the summer months, and preparing for prolonged dry-spells is essential for ensuring your plants don’t start to die off when your garden should be thriving and at its’ best.

Part of your summer garden health check should be ensuring you have the right watering equipment handy to allow your plants to flower and grow when rainfall is at a minimum. All plants require water to photosynthesise as well as sunlight, and while the summer should provide plenty of UVA light, it might not bring consistent rains.

Watering cans, sprinkler systems and hose pipes become important at this point if you don’t want to run the risk of your garden drying out before it has a chance to bloom.

If you have a garden pond too, you should set about cleaning and servicing your filtration equipment. Ensure your filter media is clean and unclogged and leave enough time before the summer for cultures of bacteria to develop in the filters again. Pumps should also be unclogged and think about buying in some algae treatments to quickly stamp out any algae blooms as soon as they appear.

Pruning Back

While most of your plants will have gone into hibernation of the winter, sometimes spring and summer is a good time to give everything a quick prune. Removing dead plant matter such as dead leaves and branches allows new shoots to come through earlier with some species.

Moss may have also developed over the winter months, particularly on your lawn. Use a good quality moss remover early in the season and make sure you re-sow a few grass seeds and lawn fertiliser to ensure a beautiful lawn for the summer.

A good weeding in spring is always a good idea too, as weeds steal the nutrients from the soil that you would rather be absorbed by your flowering plants.

There, that wasn’t so bad was it? Enjoy your summer in a more picturesque and healthy garden!

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