Keeping Mosquitoes Away

It seems like every summer there are mosquitoes that swarm everywhere. They come out as soon as you step foot outside the home, making it difficult to enjoy the warmth of the summer sun. However, there are a few tips and tricks to help keep the pests at bay so that you can spend time with your family and friends on the long summer days.


Mosquitoes breed in water and enjoy finding water so that they can thrive. If you don’t want to provide the pests with a place where they can reproduce, then get rid of any standing water that is around the home. It could be water that is found in an old tire or in a small bowl. No matter where the water is located, you want to get it away from the home as soon as you can. After it rains, you might see more mosquitoes. This is when you need to go around the home to make sure that there aren’t any holes or areas where the animals will set up a home for the next few days to reproduce.

Tall Grass
Keep grass cut back as this attracts mosquitoes. They like the sweet scents of flowers and other plants. Companies like Mosquito Squad of Greater Charleston can come to the home to spray products that will keep the mosquitoes away from the home as long as you help to keep the vegetation at a minimal level. There are also a few plants that naturally repel mosquitoes. You’ve probably heard of citronella candles. This is a plant that is exceptional for keeping mosquitoes and other pests away from the home. You can keep a few clippings of the plant on a table outside while you’re sitting or playing. Lavender is another type of plant that you want to keep on hand as it will distract the mosquitoes.

While you’re sitting outside, make sure you have a flame of some kind burning. Mosquitoes don’t like getting around fire. They fear it just like you would fear a large fire in the home. A bonfire is ideal if you want to spend time outside with family and friends without mosquitoes getting in the way. You could also set up candles along the rails on the porch. Watch the candles and the flames of any kind of fire so that they don’t spread out of control.

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