How to Know When It Is Time to Replace Your Kitchen Appliances

The appliances in your kitchen make a big difference in your home. Part of improving a house is ensuring that you have modern, functional appliances. You do not want to keep the same units in your home for decades. Here is how to tell that it is time to replace your kitchen appliances.


The Appliance No Longer Works Well

The clearest sign it is time to replace a kitchen appliance is when it stops working well. This could mean refrigerators do not keep food cold, ovens cannot reach the right temperature or some of the controls stop working. It could also mean the appliance sporadically just does not work at all or constantly has problems. If this is happening once every month or two, then you need to replace the appliance. This is important since malfunctioning appliances can put your family at risk.

The Exterior Looks Worn, Rusted or Corroded

Another sign that it is time to replace a kitchen appliance is if the exterior looks worn, rusted or corroded. If the outside of the appliance looks bad or damaged, then it will not be long before the interior starts to suffer as well. The damaged or corroded areas could allow water, pests or dust into the unit causing it to break down. You want to replace any appliance that looks beat up on the outside.

Puddles of Water Keep Appearing

A sure sign that you need to replace an appliance is if puddles of water consistently keep appearing on the floor around it. This is a real problem with aging refrigerators and dishwashers. You will want to replace those units with high quality appliances such as commercial dishwashers and refrigerators. A high quality kitchen appliance will not have this problem when maintained properly. Puddles of water indicate there is something seriously wrong inside an appliance.

Strange Sounds or Smells

Something to check for regularly is if strange sounds or smells begin emanating from any of your kitchen appliances. You want to be aware of sounds or smells that are new and have not been there in the past. These could be a sign that something inside the appliance is not functioning correctly. It is often dangerous to run appliances that are making loud grating noises or that smell like burning oil. Replace any unit generating odd smells and sounds right away.

The Appliance Is More Than 10 to 15 Years Old

A final sign you should replace your kitchen appliances is if a unit is more than 10 to 15 years old. Appliances that are older than this will be less efficient and attractive than newer models. Replacing old appliances is a basic way to improve your kitchen and your home. The new units will add to the value of the house. An added bonus is that replacing old appliances is likely to reduce your power bills due to new energy-efficient technologies.

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