How to Give a Luxurious Expression to Your Bathroom with Mexican Tiles


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If you are remodeling your bathroom and want to give it a luxurious expression, Mexican tiles will help you achieve this seamlessly. When you use Mexican tiles in your bathroom, it will become bold, colorful and inviting. Having a Mexican-style bathroom is not as a daunting task as many people perceive it to be; you only need to utilize several decorative elements. All that is required to achieve a perfect and luxurious look for your bathroom is that you know your tastes and preferences. Remember that tiling a bathroom requires a well-articulated plan. It is of paramount importance to decide what type of Mexican tiles you will use in your bathroom before making a purchase. Some of the great options available are Saltillo tiles and hand-crafted tiles with vibrant and bold colors.

Gone are the days when most people had bathrooms designed just to serve the purpose of bathing without bothering about comfort and luxury. In the contemporary world, most individuals are designing their bathrooms with a welcoming and luxurious touch. Style and class have become an integral part of designing today’s bathrooms. Tiles with subtle colors like cream, white and beige are slowly being replaced in bathrooms by vibrant tiles with colors like outdoor greens, honeysuckle pink, sharp orange and daffodil yellow. However, instead of getting rid of subtle colors completely, you can add a variety of colors in the bathroom to compliment them. Adding vibrant colors that blend well with subtle colors in your bathroom will create a unique and appealing atmosphere. For instance, red and black or red and white Mexican tiles can create an opulent feel in your bathroom. If you do not know how to blend colors well, you should look for a professional advice. Mixing the colors appropriately will reflect a scintillating and stunning sense of style in your bathroom.

Saltillo tiles or glazed Mexican tiles will give the most authentic and amazing Mexican bathroom floor. You can use these tiles in an array of terracotta colors or just rich brown color. Saltillo tiles come in a host of shapes and dimensions such as 6, 12 and 16 inches with square and round patterns. You can decide to use one dimension and shape, or you can mix them to achieve an impeccable look. A better option can be utilizing solid colors on the floor with tile borders of various colors for amazing visual appeal.

Apart from using the Mexican tiles on the floor, you also need to use them on the bathroom walls to achieve the luxurious and fabulous look. It is recommended that you use vibrant colors like orange on the walls to achieve Mexican style in your bathroom. A lighter color at the top and a bolder one at the base will bring out the best of the Mexican style.

After the painting work is done, you should consider putting a rustic Mexican chest on the bathroom sink. It can be a great idea to utilize a Mexican talavera pottery sink. You can also opt for patterned Mexican tiles on Mexican copper sinks. Then make use of a heavy colored frame. You can also get a shiny container mirror by making use of Mexican tiles. Make sure that you incorporate Mexican style when designing the bath tub.

When all is said and done, tiling your bathroom with Mexican tiles will enable you give a luxurious expression. If you are redesigning your bathroom in the near future or are already in the process, you should now be in a better position to plan for it appropriately and effectively. Get refreshing and luxurious looks in your bathroom using Mexican style, and you will enjoy taking a shower every day.

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