Getting more from your windows

During this time of the year (spring), many homeowners are looking to get outside in the garden and enjoy the spring sun. Everyone feels a lot happier and has more time for each other when it is sunny, but did you know that it’s not just being outside where you can reap the rewards?



Aluminium windows and doors with high energy efficiency glazing can help to create a particularly comfortable internal space all year round and make those winter months much more bearable. Through the use of special technology, the glass traps the sun’s rays in the summer so you can have warmth throughout the house and if you haven’t already (we are in May), turn off the heating. You can find more technical information about this technology across the internet although it is best described by a bi-folding door company like Clear View in Yorkshire.


With this in mind, it is little wonder then that bi-folding and sliding doors are used on many south facing gardens, to help achieve just this feat. This is always the warmer side of the house and with more and more people looking at ways to keep costs down, using the sun as warmth is a great method. Did you know for example that over a 10 year period you can save a considerable amount of money on your electricity bill by just having more energy efficient glazing? You will not have to rely on the heating quite so much in the winter, or the air conditioning in the summer as the same glazing traps the sun’s rays to keep out any advancement in heat and makes the home a consistent nice temperature.


Should you be looking to add new windows and doors to your home and want to get more than you think, it is always worth speaking to a professional company. They can assess your needs and wants and make recommendations based on how you live your lifestyle. What may work for one person will not necessarily work for someone else, so it is important to get the right balance for you.


There are other reasons to use aluminium windows and door in your property as well. A huge benefit is their great appearance which is proven to add value to your building. They are incredibly good looking and provide a real focal point to the home. Because of their smaller sight lines, you also get much more glass on display than with other properties, again perfect should you want to maximise natural light and/or views from your building


So there you have it. Using your aluminium windows can be a great way to get more from your home. Whether you are looking to achieve a better environment where you can live, add additional value or just improve its appearance and feel, all these can be achieved easily. As with all home improvement projects, speak to a professional company should you have any questions and make sure any changes are right for you and your family.



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