Finding The Right Art Supplies In Philadelphia

Art plays a major role in brain health and self-expression. This fact is no secret to scientists and teachers. As Kinder Art shares, “It’s been proven that early exposure to visual art, music, or drama promotes activity in the brain.” Furthermore, “Art helps children understand other subjects much more clearly—from math and science, to language arts and geography.”

The sooner children start working with art, the better. However, it’s never too late to start creating art. It’s never too late to use colors, textures and shapes to tell a unique story, to express oneself. As you continue to work with art, you may even discover that you have a talent that can’t be ignored, by you or onlookers. This is when art can become a source of income for you.


To reach your full potential, you’ll need the right art supplies. Depending on the type of art you create, you may need adhesives, brushes, canvases and  paints. On the East Coast, a Philadelphia art supplies store like Plaza Art in Philadelphia carries these and other supplies. For example, you can find pads, sketch books, art studio stools, easels, kilns, projectors and drafting table tops at the Philadelphia art supplies store.


When visiting these stores, focus on getting top quality supplies. After all, the types of art supplies you work with can make the difference between creating your best work versus your average work. If you’re a cartoonist, you’ll want to scour Philadelphia art supplies store shelves for soft and hard pastel pencils, drawing pads, mechanical pencils, erasers, inks and lettering tools.


Erasers come in several types, including kneaded, gum and plastic. Of each of the erasers, kneaded erasers tend to be the most gentle on paper. If you’re a beginning artist, you might opt for kneaded erasers for the first several weeks you’re creating. Gum erasers have been known to crumble if too much pressure is applied to them. Yet, there are artists who love working with the erasers, especially when they have lots of material to erase and correct.


Ask workers at the Philadelphia art supplies store you stop by for suggestions on the type of art supplies that would best help you complete your artwork. Some stores host workshops that you can also take advantage of. While you attend the workshops, you can network with other local artists. You can also learn about innovative techniques you can incorporate into your creating process, techniques that add more clarity, depth and meaning to your work.


Workshops and classes offered at some East Coast headquartered art supply stores are mat cutting and basic framing, advanced painting techniques, figure painting and drawing and experimental techniques with painting and drawing. There are also classes and workshops that center on upcoming local events and major holidays.


Consider taking advantage of these training workshops and classes. The teachers and other students will likely recognize the progress in your work. Hearing them tell you how you’re improving could be the catalyst you need to keep advancing your art career.





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