Eliminate garden and backyard pests without polluting the environment – Your choices

The more we start discovering about herbicides, synthetic pesticides and insecticides, the more we come to know how unhealthy they are for the environment and for the people that live within it. It is true that pesticides can lead to more problems than solutions. If you have a backyard or a garden attached to your house, you have to make sure you keep it clean so that there are no bugs, mosquitoes or pesky pests that can cause harm to you and the environment. Spraying garden chemicals to eliminate bugs not only leads to different kinds of health risks but they often turn out to be ineffective too. So, what are your options when it comes to getting rid of backyard pests and also not harming the environment? Read on to know about them.


  • Install sticky traps: You can either buy them from stores or even make them at home utilizing some tough material of a specific color and then coat it with some sticky substance. You first need to ensure that the material is in the right hue as there are certain colors which attract a certain group of pests, then wrap it inside a plastic bag and then cover the entire thing with an organic adhesive. Start seeing how many bugs it traps!
  • Get yourself a DIY spray: Such DIY all-purpose sprays have been developed by the editors of Organic Gardening magazine. They are insect sprays which contain the repellent effects of onion, garlic, hot pepper along with the surfactant and insecticidal properties of soap. If there are too many leaf-eating garden pests in your garden, you can use this kind of repellent but make sure you apply them only when they’re required as it may have a bad impact on other necessary insects.
  • Parasitic nematodes: You don’t need to fret about the word parasite as it simply speaks of all those microscopic organisms which have the aim of destroying all pests which live beneath the ground. Such parasitic nematodes move through the soil, enter within the body of their garden pests and release the required bacteria which straightaway kills the pests. The best part is that they’re safe for humans, pets and of course the environment.
  • Organic pesticides: Though organic pesticides might be a bit harmful for people but they allow the homeowners make the most out of their outputs. If they have been growing an organic garden in the backyard, they can easily convert their outputs into natural pesticides. The CedarCide’s organic biting insect spray can also be a good option for killing backyard pests.

Therefore, when the entire world is joining the green revolution which bars them from spoiling the environment, it is better for the homeowners, farmers and such other people to use organic sprays to eliminate all sorts of pests from your garden and backyard. Owning a clean and tidy house will also help appreciate the value of your home.

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