Concrete Steps: All you wanted to know about them

Concrete steps can add a lot of variety and expression to your house or commercial establishment. Concrete is favored by homeowners not only owing to its level of endurance against climatic extremities- but also for other benefits. Today, within the scope of this post we will be trying to explore the wide array of benefits offered by concrete steps.


Benefits of concrete steps

Residential and commercial stairways, steps and walkways are primarily etched from concrete since it is a material which conforms to a variety of structures and figures. Considering the kind of volume it has the ability to create, concrete can jolly well be regarded as cheaper than most of the other building materials out there. Plus, you will have the freedom to shape it in any structure as your creativity allows you to. Concrete steps can be rendered in various shapes including – round, spiral and straight. They can be stained, painted and tilled as per your wish.

No other building material has the power to resist the effects of sun, wind and rain as that of the concrete. There is little or no need to resort to a regular maintenance regime when it comes to concrete.

How are the concrete steps built?

The construction professionals roped in by you might as well resort to two ways of building the concrete steps. They might either construct them on the site (in the residential or commercial space belonging to the customer) or they might choose to build the steps at a special place then transport it to the customer’s property.

The on-site creation of the concrete steps

Here, the steps are built in the customer’s property. They build the staircases first followed by the railings and then go on to add the finishing touch.

Pre-cast concrete steps are created in special place from where they are transported to the customer’s property. So, in case of the pre-cast concrete steps it is only the installation which takes place in the customer’s property. It is believed that the steps built on site have a greater life than that of the pre-cast stairs.

Concrete steps: Decoration

Painting and staining are common methods of decorating these steps. If you want you can also choose to install mosaic, ceramic and granite flooring in different designs. Carpeting is a cheaper way of decorating concrete steps. Once again, there is a multitude of colors and designs to be explored. Make sure the decorations are in compliance to your surroundings.

The importance of choosing reputable concrete contractors

When it comes to ensuring long lasting concrete steps for your home or office, make sure you are getting in touch with reputed concrete contractors in your area. Find out about the kind of services offered by them. For instance, do they create both on site and pre cast concrete steps? What kind of reputation have they garnered for their work till date? What are their charges? Is there any room for negotiation? Compare the quotes spelt out by them with that of others before reaching a decision.


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