Check Off these Tasks Before Putting Your Home For Sale

As you likely know, putting on your home on the market is a complicated task—if you are planning on selling quickly. Plenty of houses sit on the market for countless months. Some of these factors may include that the pricing isn’t right, not enough updates have been done, or some combination of the two. You have to really showcase the main factors of your home—the things that will likely be the most appealing factors for potential buyers.

So before putting your home for sale, there are several tasks you should do to make the process go as smoothly as possible. These range in where to start and things to consider along the way. The three essential things to do include:

Tip 1: Consult with a Professional

Like all things, you don’t want to blindly jump in and hope for the best. You have to have a game plan. When it comes to putting your home for sale, you have to consider what needs to be done and most importantly, where to start. For this, you should contact a professional, such as a realtor or an interior designer. While an interior designer can point out decorating tips to accentuate a room or help with the staging process, they will charge a consulting fee.

But since your home is about to be or currently is on the market, you’ll already need a realtor. With a realtor, you can seek their advice on what’s in demand in the market, since they see countless homes in the nearby areas. But this goes beyond geography and the safety of your neighborhood (think of larger, crime filled cities like Chicago). Realtors know what sells at your specific price point within your specific location and can steer you in the right direction.

Tip 2: Do A Home Inspection

You never know what surprises may be lurking beneath the surface of your home. With that said, doing a home inspection will let you know if you have any issues going on—whether it be termites, leaky pipes, a bad roof or other main concerns that may impact your home’s ability to sell. Potential buyers will themselves do an inspection, so either way; you’ll have to be ready for what is found. Better be prepared ahead of time!



Tip 3: Choose to Make Repairs or Sell As Is

If you’ve lived at your home for at least a few years, it’s likely that things have gotten a bit dated or aren’t functioning like they used to. To sell your home quicker, you’ll have to put some legwork and make renovations. Not all homes require big renovation projects—you can do simple stuff such as update light fixtures, place new faucets, paint, etc. Be aware that larger projects to rooms such as the kitchen and bathrooms will yield a greater return on your overall home value. If you decide to sell “as is” you are taking the chance to appeal to a smaller number of potential buyers—people who may be looking to do some home projects themselves. Most people are looking for properties that are updated and are move-in ready.

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