Changing Lifestyle – Goodbye to Hoarding

As a rule our society seems to be getting more and more prone to hoarding. If it was a problem for certain individuals in the past, it is now a problem for most of us out there. People don’t even care enough to think about it as a problem. We just buy new items, put the old ones in the closet, and when the closet is full, we stick them in the attic (if we have one) and when that is full, we hide them under beds. Our homes have turned into a treasure chest of sorts, only there is no treasure, but mostly pointless, useless things, we would never look back to, but we won’t throw them away either.


I started thinking about it just recently. I live in Chicago, so it is commonplace to switch apartments here, especially if you can find one closer to your job, or you just have a new job. So the lease on my apartment was about to expire and I had already decided I wanted to move out to a better place, bigger if possible. But there was the problem – you can’t go much bigger for the same price I was paying already. And then it dawned on me – I didn’t really need more space, I just had to have less items. Easier said than done though.

How can one decide what they want to keep and what to throw away all of a sudden? I wasn’t even thinking about hoarding. But in any case I decided I have to change the way I approach buying stuff and keeping stuff. But it is really a change of lifestyle. So if I was going to change my way of thinking, it would be better to just move to a new apartment anyways. That way I wasn’t going to worry about making a mess of my current apartment back then, in order to go through every item I had.

So firstly, I started to clean out my old apartment before the lease was up. Going through items, figuring out what is useful and what I won’t probably ever use, is kind of a fun thing to do. I even do it to this day, as a way to clear my head even. Anyways, I had many things I didn’t need. Some I ended up donating some, others I gifted, but many I just threw away. I had so many broken items, old electronics and other such things, that it really made it obvious how much of a hoarding problem I had, and probably most of society has still, too.

By the time I had to move out, I had cleared most of my apartment I decided to finally hire a moving company for assessment of the cost and to be safe that I wouldn’t have to look for a company in the last minute, getting ripped off and so on. So I ended up hiring H2H Movers and they did their job excellently. After the move I settled in, went through my items again, figured I could clear some more, but ultimately most of the job was done.

Now I am living in my apartment, I have embraced my new lifestyle and I don’t even want to go back for a second. It is freeing to know you don’t have useless items laying around, though it was a bid hard to get rid of some stuff, because I felt emotionally attached. So I admit I’ve kept some of the stuff, just for a way of reminiscing, but I am not going back.

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