Benefits to a Portable AC System in the Home

Weather can affect a person’s mood. This is especially true if the weather is hot and you must be in a building or room that has no air conditioner. Air conditioners are expensive and require a lot of labor to install. As a result, people have turned more and more to portable air conditioners.


A portable ac unit has great features. It is easily vented, available in various sizes and provides you with a comfortable space in your home. Window coolers are less expensive but only fit standard windows, are hard to install and are secured in one location.

Sizes of these portable a/c units are available from 12,000 BTU to 14,000 BTU. This makes it important to determine the size of the space that is to be cooled. Convenient features such as multiple cooling speeds, remote controls, timers and other features are available depending on the model purchased.

Portable ac units require venting. This means that they pull in hot air, which must be expelled. This is done by the use of a single or dual hose exhaust system, which is easily done through a sliding glass door, window or other outdoor option.

When purchasing a portable air conditioner be sure and check the noise level as this can vary. This makes it especially important if you are using it in the evening when trying to sleep.

It is not necessary to be miserable in your home if can supply you with portable cooling. It is an excellent alternative for renters or for those who cannot afford a full air conditioning system. Enjoy indoor comfort even if the outside temperature is in the 100 degree range.

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