A Glimpse at the Future – Now!

Carbon imprint” is fast becoming a buzz word in today’s society. Many of us are now aware of the impact our actions have on the environment, due to the amount of energy consumed daily. And many have made strides to reduce that “footprint”, making a conscious effort to change one or more things for the greater good. But, there are many items available right now, that can make this adjustment even easier to make. Let’s take a look:


Electric Cars:

Once thought of as underpowered jokes, modern electric cars will soon be silently flying down the highways of every country in the world. Tesla Motors have introduced a range of electric cars that can go for up to 294 miles on a single charge, and have many features of high end petrol or diesel cars. In fact, they are even more feature laden, with concepts like true Autopilot, adaptive lighting and more. Charging your vehicle costs a fraction of the price of a fill of gas, and better still, if you use one of Tesla’s electric hubs, you can charge your car for free – fast!

Power Storage Solutions:

Many companies (including Tesla) are bringing the concept of massive, wall mounted batteries for the home, to market. These products basically work in 2 ways. Either they harness the power of the sun, using solar panels (created by laser micro-machining components), which charges your battery up for use, or they can be used to collect energy, at off peak times, when the cost of energy is lower. You can then use this stored energy at high peak times, saving you some money off your bills.

Wind Harnessed Energy:

You are bound to have noticed that many companies have begun to use windmills to generate some of their energy from wind power. Many of the electric companies are also beginning to move to wind powered generation solutions, rather than traditional power station burning of fossil fuels. What you may not be aware of is that, this kind of power generation can be used for home solutions also. Smaller scale windmills can be easily installed on your property, ensuring clean energy is created to help bolster your home’s energy necessities.

Hydro Electric Solutions:

Not for everyone, hydro electric solutions are a great option, should you have running water moving through your property. Installation of a small hydro electric “Power station” is a fantastic way to harness natural energy. However, you may require permission from local Authorities to install, as there may be an effect on water flow rates after installation has been performed.

So there are many varied solutions available right now, that can enable you to make the change over to sustainable energy sources. You may find that, a combination of some of these solutions will enable you to drop off the grid entirely, meaning you no longer need to have power supplied to you by electric companies. And as this tech gains steam, who knows what the future may bring.

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