5 Simple yet Stylish DIY Home Renovating Projects

People hear the word renovating and think of a project that has potential to drag out for weeks or months, a project that diverts all your attention from the other daily jobs or simply one that is going to involve a lot of money. Others, they see renovations as a chance to revitalise their homes, get their hands a little dirty and make some profit come resale time.

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We look at a few simple projects that will get your creative juices flowing, refresh your home and give you a profit down the track – without the hassle, without the dragged out months and without too much of the dust and dirt.

1. Change the Mood with Lighting

Lighting has the power to alter the mood in a room dramatically and enhance the colour of your walls and furniture, so deciding for a change in this area will refresh both the look and feel of your home. For bedrooms, dimmers are a fantastic idea to give you more control and soften the light, and for higher traffic areas like the dining or lounge areas consider making lighting a focal point by adding a feature light.  If the space between the floor and the ceiling permits, have some fun with hanging light fixtures to add a little drama and boost the dynamics of space.

For some long term saving benefits it’s a great idea to replace the power hog bulbs to energy efficient one – this will give you something more to smile about when you open your next utility bill.

2. Dress up Your Windows

You don’t always need a special occasion to dress up so there’s no excuse to give your windows a little TLC and boost your home’s appearance. When deciding on window dressings, think about the room’s purpose and whether your priority is on diversity, security or looks.

Timber venetian blinds work fantastically in the kitchen and are super easy to clean and maintain giving you versatility with privacy and appearance. Because of the natural warmth the wood gives off, it makes for a popular choice.

For those that love the classic look of curtains or want to use them in ‘wet’ areas like the bathroom, roman blinds are a unique option. They give you the luxurious appearance of draping curtains combined with the mechanisms of blinds and are extremely adaptable for any room or purpose.

3. Paint a Feature Wall

We all know that a fresh coat of paint does wonders to both the exterior and interior of your home, but have you ever thought about going a step further and being a little more creative?

Features walls are a brilliant way to give the illusion a small room is bigger or simply to make a bold and artistic statement.  Choose one wall in your room to add a splash of colour whilst keeping the other walls a neutral, soft colour – this can work with anything from warm reds to bright vibrant yellows, blues and oranges and makes for a fun seasonal change.

4. Add an Island to Your Kitchen

Adding a standalone island to your kitchen comes with the benefits of the three S’s – style, storage and seating.  It’s a different way to spice up things in this busy area, whilst still being flexible enough to be practical and enhance the room.

5. Create a Backsplash

For kitchens and bathrooms that are starting to look a little dull it’s a good option to transform the mood with a new backsplash. Considered bathroom jewellery, they are made from ceramic and glass tiles and can be as basic or as interesting as you like.  For the really adventurous home renovator you can design an all-around tiled area from the floor to the ceiling, those that are after something easier and basic – they make a nice feature point around the mirror and sink area.

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